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Renter’s Insurance (Contents)

As a renter or owner of a condominium, home, or apartment you may protect the items of special value. You can have similar coverage for your contents as you would have under a homeowner's insurance policy.


Contents Special Limits

The amount of coverage is determined by the policy you select except for the following personal property that have special limits:

  • Money, bank notes, coins - $100

  • Securities, stamps, and deeds - $500

  • Watercrafts and equipment - $500

  • Cameras, projectors or other equipment - $200

  • Burglary of jewelry, watches and furs -$500


What about optional coverage's?

Homeowners can customize their policy with these coverage options:

  • Personal Property Insurance Protects the contents of your home (Furniture, Fixtures, Appliances, Electronic Equipment, and most personal belongings) from the perils covered under the policy.

  • Tidal Wave, Flood, High Water or Overflow will protect your home damages caused by the rising of navigable waters.


What about limitations?

Policies contain certain limitations and exclusions that can be modified by the policyholder and customized to fit your specific coverage needs. Calvo's staff will be happy to specify and clarify your policy.

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