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You are eligible for the Drivers Assistance Program if your personal automobile is covered by Calvo’s
Insurance. Driver assistance services are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
Please be advised: we do not reimburse for Drivers Assistance Services.

Service Calls

The services in the Drivers Assistance Program are not intended as a substitute for proper maintenance of your vehicle. In an effort to maintain fairness to all of our customers, towing services cannot repeatedly render service to the same vehicle for the same reason. All customers are entitled to a maximum of two calls per service per day, and no more than four calls for each service per policy period per vehicle. The cost of any service request succeeding the maximum offered will be assumed by the customer.

Requesting Service

Prior to requesting service(s) from towing companies, please have your Automobile Insurance Certificate
available and/or the following information:
• Vehicle Description (year, make, model, color)
• License Plate Number
• Type of service you require
• Location

Note: For billing purposes you are required to provide your policy number.

Non-Accident Towing

All towing is limited to one-way destinations only. As a Calvo’s Insurance customer, you are entitled to a flat rate of $50.00. All
accident tows are not covered under this program.

Extrication & Winching Service

Towing companies are able to extricate or winch your vehicle provided it can be safely reached from a passable, established road or
thoroughfare. You may be charged extra if more than one service vehicle or operator is required. Additional charges may apply
should the set up and extrication time exceed a period of 30 minutes. Customers will assume the cost for extrication of vehicles
parked on flooded areas.

Key Lockouts

Calvo’s Insurance customers are provided FREE LOCKOUT SERVICES.

Battery Service

All battery jump-starts are free of charge.

Mechanical First Aid

In the event you are experiencing mechanical failure, towing companies will make a reasonable effort to render your vehicle drivable.
These adjustments are not to require parts or supplies. Should these efforts be unsuccessful the towing service will be offered.

Tire Service

Flat tire changes are free of charge, however the vehicle’s spare tire must be inflated and serviceable. Charges will apply if: the vehicle
is not equipped with a spare tire, there is more than one flat tire, or if the tire needs to be repaired and reinstalled.

Fuel Delivery Service

Fuel delivery is free of charge, however you will assume the cost of the fuel at its current market price (maximum of 2 1/2 gallons).
This service is only offered at the point of disablement.

Limitations & Exclusions

Driver’s Assistance Program does not include:
• Towing and tire changing on trucks over 8,000 GVWR Chassis rating.
• Towing services in areas with limited clearance, such as parking garages.
• Services that require special/additional handling outside the normal scope of assistance.
• Service to vehicles intentionally driven into areas that are dangerous or inadvisable for regular car travel,
such as: beaches, open fields, construction sites, and/or dirt trails.
• Service when an insured is not present with a valid Automobile Insurance Certificate from Calvo’s Insurance
and valid identification.
• Service during the time of extreme weather conditions that may potentially harm the customer or service personnel.
• Service to vehicles not listed on the insured’s current policy.
• Modified vehicles requiring service may be subject to additional service charge (i.e. lowered/lifted vehicles, expanded tires)


Notice of Liability

Calvo’s Insurance Underwriters, Inc. will not be held liable for any damage to your vehicle as a result of towing company services. Be
informed, that services such as key lock outs may cause minor damage to your vehicle. Prior to the rendering of services the towing
companies will inform you of any possible damage that may occur. Excessive damage as a result of carelessness should be
addressed with their management.

If you recently received Drivers Assistance Services through your Calvo’s Insurance automobile policy, we’d be happy to hear from
you. Your comments and suggestions are extremely important to us. You can write to us at P.O. Box CI, Hagåtña, Guam 96932. Call
us at 472-6816. Fax us at 477-5273 Attn: Office of the Customer.


Thank you for your valued business,


Calvo’s Insurance Underwriters, Inc.

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