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Liability Insurance


General Liability Insurance

Provides protection for amounts you may be legally obligated to pay for accidents, injuries and damages resulting from your operations, as well as exposures related to its products.

Public Liability

Provides indemnity to an Insured for his legal liabilities as well as legal liabilities of his representatives and employees arising in connection with the Insured's business, carried out at and from the specific place of business. Liabilities for bodily injury and damage to property of others are covered subject to specified maximum limits arising out of one occurrence. Legal costs and other charges and expenses are also payable when incurred, subject to written consent.


Product Liability

A manufacturer may be held liable for bodily injury or damage to property of others caused by defective products. This coverage under this type of policy takes effect in respect to liabilities arising out of the use of specific products. Policies are issued subject to maximum limits of indemnity.

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