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Typhoon Mawar

As we start to see the full impact of Typhoon Mawar, we are drawing on the full
strength of our team together with our global network and resources to ensure we get
our customers back on their feet as quickly as possible.



First Response

If you are a home or business owner impacted by the typhoon, you should:

• Prioritise the safety of your family, staff, and yourselves.
• Do what you can to mitigate damage. NUFIC per terms and conditions of the
policy will cover reasonable and necessary costs incurred to preven
t or mitigate
further insured losses.
• Take photos or videos of any damage, and do not dispose of damaged items
unless you need to do so for health and safety reasons.
• Keep a record of the activities conducted and expenses incurred, including
receipts of costs affecting the damaged property.


Early Notification is Helpful

While the situation is developing rapidly, early notification of a potential claim is
encouraged. This not only allows us to attend to your loss quickly and provide you with
loss mitigation and policy coverage advice as early as possible, it also helps you avoid
any possible claim deduction resulting from late notification.


To notify us of a claim/potential loss, please contact us at:

- Calvo's Insurance Underwriters • (671)472-6816 or
- Guam Insurance Adjusters • (671)472-6288 • (671)472-6353 • (671)472-6351 •


Alternate contact information (in case you cannot contact our Guam team)
- Philippine Claims Team • +632 8878 5536 •


To facilitate faster assessment and resolution of your claim, please provide us with
the following documents/information in your notification:




1. Completed claim form (download here)
2. Photographs showing the damages – situation at the time of the loss, front
portion, back portion, both sides and areas of the automobile that incurred
3. Motor vehicle registration
4. Copy of driver’s license

5. Repair estimate from a repair shop if available (may be submitted later)


Avoid starting the engine of your damaged vehicle before our dedicated loss
adjuster has surveyed your vehicle and advised that it is safe to do so. A tow truck
will be arranged to transfer your unit if needed. Please proceed to clean your
vehicle after taking the required photographs to avoid further damage.



1. Completed Claim Form (download here)

2. Photographs showing the damages – full view and close-up view of items
3. Quotation for reinstatement/repair if available (may be submitted later)


Please proceed to clean your property after taking the required photographs and
set aside the debris for inspection. Following this, please start the damage repairs
subject to post repair inspection and evidence of repair done.


1. Photographs showing the damages – full view and close-up view of items
2. Brief description of what happened and the extent of the damages
3. Contact information of the point person
4. Quotation for reinstatement/repair if available (may be submitted later)


Depending on the extent of loss that you have reported, a loss adjuster may be
assigned to inspect your property. If required, further claim documents to be
submitted will be advised. Should you see the necessity to
mitigate further losses
of your property, before undertaking any movement or clean-up, kindly take
photographs and videos of the affected properties detailing the exact loss
sustained and set aside the debris for our loss adjuster’s inspection.

Assignment of Adjusters
We have established strong relationships with a wide range of businesses to support
recovery from loss. We may be assigning external adjusters to inspect your properties;
you will be informed of the assigned adjuster
s and schedule of inspection.


Helping Our Most Vulnerable Customers
We will prioritise claims for customers experiencing vulnerability because of the severe
weather or for any other reason. If you are advised or suspect that this may be your
case, please let us know as soon as possible.

Working Together
Almost everyone in the industry will be under pressure in the coming days and weeks,
with the same goal of providing the best possible service to our customers when they
need us most. Please help us by managing expectations and ensuring, as much as
possible, that information submitted is complete and policy conditions for reporting a
claim have been met. We promise to keep you updated
as much as is practicable.
If you have any questions on any of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Yours sincerely,

National Union Fire Insurance Co., Of Pittsburgh, PA.

Calvo’s Insurance Underwriters, Inc.
Guam Insurance Adjusters, Inc.

Health Insurance Claim

For all your health insurance needs, please visit Calvo's Select Care website for more information. 

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